Festive Frolic 2009

Alphabet Challenge

A = ‘ay

B= bee

C = sea

D = dear - ear

E  is in stripe but not in spirit

F*** is Gordon Ramsay’s catchphrase

G = giga

H = sound of 8ch

I = sound of “eye”

J = picture of Jay

K   3281 feet make 1 km

L  = finger spelling

M = mega (approx 1 million)

N in semaphore

O  in morse code

P = pea

Q = queue

R for Rudolph

S   145 + 45 degrees is South

T   Tree without R is tee

U   Yew tree

V  21 – 16 = 5

W  clubs in the West area

X   xray usd in hospitals

Y   sounds like “Why”

Z   for Zulu